Aalto Digi Platform in Brief

Aalto Digi Platform is chartered to innovate, initiate and increase digitalization related cooperation broadly inside Aalto and with its industrial and academic partners.

Digitalization is a transformative force that affects today's and tomorrow's industries, economics and society, at all walks of life. It shapes the innovation landscape and facilitates economic growth.

Digitalization in Aalto

Digitalization is a key strong area at Aalto University: ICT, media, computation and modelling have been chosen as focus areas of Aalto. Our topics include, but are not limited to: computer science, networks, communications, signal processing, electronics, automation, technology-intensive industries, digital applications of engineering design and production, mechatronics, media, games, information and service economy, computational sciences. See also:

What is the Digi Platform?

The Aalto Digi Platform facilitates and brings together Aalto's competences in this multidisciplinary area, in a bottom up manner, and increases Aalto's visibility. It provides seed funding, arranges matchmaking events, acts as a collaboration platform within Aalto, and provides a "front desk" for external contacts.

Platforms are founded in areas where Aalto has competence both in methodologies, infrastructures, and applications. The focus is both in research, education and impact.

The transformative nature of digitalization calls for a systemic approach and large research consortia with capabilities to tackle multi-faceted and challenging research problems having significant societal impact. In education and learning, the approach is similarly challenge-based, favoring interdisciplinary approach and real-life projects. -- This is what the Digi Platform is meant for.

Our goal is that Aalto becomes the top European university in digitalization, measured by relevant international rankings and other indicators. We aim to increase the resilience of our university and the whole Finnish society: their capability to change and adopt to new challenges.

Upcoming events

Digi Breakfast and Living Breakfast: Autonomous mobility, 30.01.2017, klo. 8.30-11.30, Design Factory, Stage


Digi Breakfast and Experience Breakfast: Virtual and augmented reality (initial reservation for the date of 20.03.2018)

Digi and Experience Breakfast: Game and Gamification (12.04.2017, Töölö Campus)


Past events

Digi Breakfast: Process Automation in Transition on Mon 30.10.2017 at 8:30.11:30 in Aalto Bioproduct Centre (ABio), Vuorimiehentie 1, Otaniemi, Espoo

Digi Breakfast: AI goes industry on Tue 12.09.2017 at 8-10 in AS2, TUAS building, Maarintie 8, Espoo.

Digi Breakfast on Industrial Internet on Thu 6.4. at 8-10 in K213, Otakaari 4, Espoo.

Aalto Digi Matchmaking 2017 on Thu 23.3. at 12-16 in CS building, Konemiehentie 2, Otaniemi, Espoo.



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