Cyber Security

Cyber security and physical security are increasingly intertwined, as the society operates largely with the help of the cyber world. Bits are involved in the way that we study, work, engage in politics, do business, and deal with the security of citizens.

Cyber security is a topical problem that touches all parts of the society. Secure systems design is
both a requirement and an enabler for the digitalization of products and services. Aalto University
teaches and conducts research on a wide range of technical and societal topics in the field of
cyber security.

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Aalto's key professors in the area include:

N. Asokan, SCI

Tuomas Aura, SCI

Camilla Hollanti, SCI

Raimo Kantola, ELEC

Jarno Limnell, ELEC

Jukka Manner, ELEC

Kaisa Nyberg, SCI

Jörg Ott, ELEC

Esko Penttinen, BIZ


Materials of Digi Breakfast on Cyber Security 29 Oct 2015

Location: Open Innovation House (OIH), Otaniementie 19, Espoo

Arranged by professors Jarno Limnell and Tuomas Aura.


8:00 Breakfast is served
8:15 Opening, Professor Tuomas Aura
8:20 Overview of cyber security slides, Professor Jarno Limnéll, Aalto ELEC
8:35 Overview of related research at Aalto University, Professor Tuomas Aura, Aalto SCI
8:50 Systems Security Research, an example case: Attacks against LTE devices slides, Professor N Asokan, Aalto SCI
9:00 Case: Trustonic slides, Jan-Erik Ekberg, Director of Advanced Development
9:15 Case: SSH slides, Mika Lauhde, Vice President
9:30 Closing words, Professor Jarno Limnéll

About the speakers:


Jarno Limnéll is Professor of Practice in Cyber Security in the Department of Communications and Networking at Aalto University. He is also Vice President of Insta Group.


Tuomas Aura is Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University. Together with professor N Asokan he leads the Secure Systems research group whose goal is to create new technologies and design and analysis methods for the development of secure computing and communication systems. The new technologies should be, at the same time, secure, easy to use, and inexpensive to deploy.

N Asokan.jpg

N Asokan is Professor in the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University. Together with professor Tuomas Aura he leads the Secure Systems research group introduced above.


Jan-Erik Ekberg is Director of Advanced Development at Trustonic. Trustonic empowers our partners to enrich, simplify and expand people's digital lives by integrating trust directly into mobile devices. Trustonic develops a secure environment called a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) that runs at the heart of smart devices and enables service providers to openly access ready-made advanced hardware-backed security features. Our TEE isolates and processes keys, PINs and biometrics away from threats.

Mika Lauhde.jpg

Mika Lauhde is Vice President of Governmental Relations and Business Development at SSH Communications Security. SSH Communications Security is the market leader in developing advanced security solutions that enable, monitor and manage encrypted networks.


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