Digital media, culture and learning

Interactive digital culture, learning environments and new media -- all these are based on the interplay of humans and technology.

Our goal is to study the effects of digitalization and new media at all walks of human life: entertainment, culture, learning and teaching, and so on. We focus on human aspectes of digitalization, sound, acoustics, computer graphics, computer games, user interfaces, usability, and so on. The interplay of humans and technology is of central importance in this research area. Our strong basic research on the underlying techniques has applications in several fields.

Aalto's key professors in the field include:

Paavo Alku

Philip Dean

Lily Diaz-Kommonen

Perttu Hämäläinen

Mikko Kurimo

Unto Laine

Jaakko Lehtinen

Teemu Leinonen

Tapio Lokki

Lauri Malmi

David McGookin

Marko Nieminen

Antti Oulasvirta

Ville Pulkki

Lauri Savioja

Marja Seliger

Tapio Takala

Vesa Välimäki


Materials of Digi Breakfast on Digital Cultural Heritage, 19 May 2015:

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Materials of Digi Breakfast on E-Learning and MOOCs, 27 Aug 2014:

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Materials of Digi Breakfast on Designing for Future Life, 5 June 2014:

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