Industrial Internet

The industrial internet is one of the most important disruptive technologies at the moment, both in Finland and worldwide. Industrial internet transforms Finland's challenges into opportunities. Aalto invests heavily in the topic, with over than 10 professors and their groups participating.

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Digi Breakfast on Industrial Internet in conjunction with Mechatronic Circus on 6 April 2017

Venue: Otakaari 4, room K213

8:00  Breakfast served


Opening words
Gary Marquis, Dean, Aalto University

Driving Change, IT Technology Enabling the Digital Transformation of Aalto Campus
Hannes Päivänsalo, Head of IT Operations, Aalto University

Campus as a Service
Antti Tuomela, Managing Director, Aalto University Properties Ltd.

Highlights from the Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) 
Martti Mäntylä, Professor, Aalto University

Digital twin - improved efficiency and quality for machines 
Janne Öhman, CEO, Siemens Osakeyhtiö

Growth and renewal of Finnish Technology Industries
Laura Juvonen, Managing Director, Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation

Metex award
Presented by Jussi Neuvo on behalf of Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation

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Followed by Mechatronic Circus 

Venue: Puumiehenkuja 5 E 

10:00-16:00 Mechatronic Circus exhibition
Come and see an unmanned drone that can measure peat moisture and a small-scale bioreactor for tissue engineering! These and many more exciting student devices can be seen in the exhibition. 

11:00-13:00 “Soppatykki” lunch

Industrial Internet

The concept of "Industrial Internet" has recently emerged as a topic of considerable attention in the industry both internationally and in Finland. While covering other well-known themes such as "Internet of Things" and "Cyber-Physical Systems", the level of ambition of the concept has been raised to no less than changing profoundly how the manufacturing industries base their operations to ICT by exploiting novel technologies such as sensors, actuators, wireless networks, clouds, computational modeling and simulation, and mobile user interfaces - in short, bringing manufacturing industries and their ecosystems truly to Internet age.

The industrial internet encompasses the application of information and communications technology in industry and within society for improving the efficiency of operations and the creation of new added value for customers and users. Internet and mobile technologies have changed to become generally and easily available tools with which it is ever simpler and cheaper to develop applications. Through their use, the industrial internet enables new industrial and service businesses by linking intelligent devices, and the people that use them, to analysis and decision making.

‘The disruptive impact will be seen in industry, services and in the public sector as well.  It is vitally important for Finnish companies and other institutions to get involved quickly and effectively in developments and influence their direction,’ points out Professor Martti Mäntylä from Aalto University.

Finland has all the prerequisites for success: competitive and international technology industry, solid ICT skills as well as a public sector that is well-managed and capable of reform. Many companies that operate in global markets have already realised the importance of the industrial internet.

Key professors at Aalto:

Professor Martti Mäntylä, leader of Aalto Industrial Internet Campus

Professor Kalevi Aaltonen

Professor Antti Ahlava

Professor Sven Bossuyt

Professor Kalevi Ekman

Professor Mario di Francesco

Professor Heikki Hämmäinen

Professor Riku Jäntti

Professor Petri Kuosmanen

Professor Esko Niemi

Professor Juhani Orkas

Professor Jouni Partanen

Professor Matti Rossi

Professor Henri Schildt

Professor Riitta Smeds

Professor Stavros Tripakis

Professor Ville Viikari

Professor Pedro Vilaca

Professor Valeriy Vyatkin

See also professors listed under Intelligent Machines

Senior researchers and adjunct professors:

Jari Collin

Kari Hiekkanen

Sassan Iraji

Jari Juhanko

Materials of Digi Breakfast on Industrial Internet on 7 April 2016

Otakaari 4, room K213, in conjunction with Mechatronic Circus

Opening words, Professor Yrjö Neuvo, Aalto University
Aalto University Industrial Internet Campus (AIIC) (slides), Prof. Martti Mäntylä
Industrial Internet at Konecranes and collaboration with Aalto University (slides), Mikko Uhari, Executive Vice President, Strategy and Technology, Konecranes
Internet of Things, Services and People – ABB’s perspective on Industrial Digitalization, Simo Säynevirta, Global Technology Manager, ABB Process Automation Service
Digital transformation and sustainable growth - Funding call for research openings (slides), Managing Director Laura Juvonen, Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation
Metex award, presented by Jussi Neuvo on behalf of Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation

Materials of Digi Breakfast on Industrial Internet 9 April 2015:

Otakaari 4, hall K213, in conjunction of the Mechatronic Circus

Opening words, slides Vice President Tuija Pulkkinen, Aalto University
Industrial Internet – an educational challenge, slides Prof. Martti Mäntylä
Aalto Industrial Internet Campus, Dean Gary Marquis, Aalto School of Engineering
An industry viewpoint, slides Director, Digital Services Matti Vappula, Outotec Plc.
Industrial Internet – innovation ecosystems and education, slides Secretary General Laura Juvonen, Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation
Metex award, presented by Jussi Neuvo on behalf of Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation

Materials of the Digi Breakfast 13 May 2014:

Overview, Martti Mäntylä
Research Themes
        –New Products, Petri Kuosmanen
        –New Factory, Jari Juhanko
        –New Stack, Andrei Gurtov
        –New Work, Anu Kankainen
Industry Positions
       –Marko Äkräs, KoneCranes
       –Sebastian Nyström, Nokia

Slides of Mäntylä and other speakers (pdf)


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