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Digi Breakfasts

The Digi Breakfast meetings, arranged by the Digi Platform and thematic task forces, will help to find themes into which Aalto's resources could be directed in the field of digitalization. The events are open for everyone.



Digitalization of Built Environment: BuildingSmart BIM Breakfast 9.6.2018

This BIM Breakfast focuses on an invited panel discussion with visionary leaders and experts from within and outside the construction sector. The goal is to reflect on and discuss global trends and their implications for the future of construction and built environment.

Digi Breakfast: Blockchains – a Transformational Technology? 7.6.2018

The blockchain distributed consensus model has been claimed to be the most important invention since the Internet was invented. Blockchains are also likened to the development and proliferation of the double entry bookkeeping, an invention that has since the 15th century served as the foundation for our current monetary and economic system. At the same time, blockchains have lingered at the top of the Gartner hype cycle for a couple of years now.

The goal of this digi breakfast is simultaneously to paint the big picture of how blockchains actually might change our society and to ground the technology to its roots, explaining its technical foundations as simply as possible.

Digi and Experience event: Games and Gamification 12.4.2018

This seminar aims to bring together top experts on games and gamification and broad audience to jointly discuss the future of the topic. The objective of the seminar is to share the knowledge and experiences of business practitioners and scholars on the future of gaming industry and how it can be beneficially applied and experienced in other public and private sectors.

Digi Breakfast & Mechatronic Circus: Digital Twins and IoT 5.4.2018

Digital twin refers to a real-time digital replica of a physical asset, process or system that can be used for life-cycle management such as product development or predictive maintenance. Availability of IoT data is now radically expanding the capability of digital twins.

The day continues with Mechatronic Circus exhibition, where students present baffling smart devices they have built on mechatronics courses. Come and see a dewatering device for nanocellulose, a hospital bed that measures heart functions and a robotic arm that monitors crane condition!  The exhibition showcases these and many more exciting devices built by students.

Digi and Living Breakfast: Autonomous Mobility 30.1.2018

Self-driving vehicles and ships are predicted to be one of the major future megatrends, because they promise to revolutionize a major world industry, which impacts every human on this planet. These changes include human mobility, logistics, and maritime solutions. Utilizing this disruption for creating value for users and corporations is of paramount interest.

However, this creates new challenges and hazards as well e.g. the current maritime logistical system is built up around the tacit assumption of a crew onboard that is at times assisted by pilots and VTS operators to prevent any possible accident scenarios. This system will be shook up by automated vessels that make decisions without the crew onboard and basing the decision e.g. on computer based algorithms.

With keynotes featuring the technology end users from the world’s leading companies developing new solutions for the autonomous mobility plus research and educational lecturers on latest achievements, you’ll gain understanding on possibilities to apply innovative technologies for transport automation to stay ahead of the competition in the field.



Digi and Experience breakfast: Virtual and Augmented Reality 14.12.2017

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR, AR) meet in the busy intersection of computer graphics, vision, and human-computer interaction. They have countless applications in storytelling, visual art, visualization, modelling, telepresence, to name a few, with clear potential to transform research, art, and even society at large.

This event brings together Aalto scientists and artists researchers interested in Virtual and Augmented Reality from both technical and applied perspectives, with the aims to showcase existing research, demos, and art, and to connect people across Aalto to foster future collaborations.

Digi Breakfast: Process Automation in Transition 30.10.2017

The discipline of process control and automation has seen many changes over the years, with the advent of new technologies, theories and industrial practices. Whilst much attention is being paid to the underpinning technologies, the more interesting and challenging question is how the process industries will change and what the role of automation will become. Many commentators talk about being on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution. Automation will be at the heart of this change, information and data will drive it, but it won’t be automation in the form that we know it today.

With keynotes featuring the technology end user from the world’s leading forest industry, process automation manufacturer plus research and educational lecturers with demos, you’ll gain understanding on the most transformative technologies for improving process industries operation and staying ahead of the competition in the field. You will also have the opportunity to visit the labs, where 5G serves the factory of the future pilot.

Digi Breakfast: AI goes industry 12.9.2017

Advances in artificial intelligence disruptively change the society, enabling novel products and services that used to be science fiction still recently, and Finland is committing to become one of the world leaders in artificial intelligence. The question is, how do we get there? The Helsinki area is widely recognised as a key player in artificial intelligence research, with strong research tradition in machine learning and neural networks. How can we use this world-class expertise to help Finnish industry to obtain competitive edge? How can companies be part of developing the next generation of artificial intelligence?

Digi Breakfast & Mechatronic Circus on Industrial Internet 6.4.2017

The industrial internet is one of the most important disruptive technologies at the moment, both in Finland and worldwide. Industrial internet transforms Finland's challenges into opportunities. Aalto invests heavily in the topic, with over than 10 professors and their groups participating. An unmanned drone that can measure peat moisture and a small-scale bioreactor for tissue engineering! These and many more exciting student devices can be seen in Mechatronic Circus. 

Aalto Digi Matchmaking 23.3.2017

An industry – academia -matchmaking event of Data-driven Services and Cyber Security that consisted of dialogues between the leading representatives from industry and academia as well as highlighting some of Aalto’s cutting edge research projects.



Make it Digital! 18.8.2016

Digitalization is a transformative force that affects today's and tomorrow's industries, economics and society, at all walks of life. This event prepares you for the digital future of tomorrow.

Make it Digital! 26.4.2016

What are the opportunities that digitalization offers? Aalto University and the Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation jointly arrange a matchmaking workshop to initiate new strategic openings in collaboration between the University’s researchers, and Finnish SMEs and growth companies.

Digi Breakfast on Mobile Cloud Computing 28.1.2016

Matchmaking workshop and funding call for strategic research ideas: Mobile Cloud Computing is the combination of cloud computing, mobile computing and wireless networks to bring rich computational resources to mobile users, network operators, as well as cloud computing providers. Come and hear top tier experts from Ericsson, Nokia, Aalto University and University of Helsinki on current trends and topics!



Digi Breakfast on Big Data in the Industry 2.12.2015

We live in the information age, where large volumes of data are being generated continuously by human activity, scientific processes, business transactions, and adoption of new technologies. Distilling the knowledge contained in such data has the potential to transform science, technology, business, and arts, and to revolutionize how the human society is organized and how it functions. Data science is an emerging discipline that aims to provide the underlying theory and the necessary tools to cope with the data revolution. To accomplish this goal, data science builds on techniques and theories from many fields, including mathematics, statistical learning, machine learning, data engineering, decision analytics, signal processing, visualization, and high performance computing.

Digi Breakfast on Cyber Security 29.10.2015

Cyber security is a topical problem that touches all parts of the society. Secure systems design is
both a requirement and an enabler for the digitalization of products and services. Aalto University
teaches and conducts research on a wide range of technical and societal topics in the field of
cyber security.

Digi Breakfast with EIT Digital 29.9.2015


Digi Breakfast on Digital Health 7.9.2015

Digital Health combines the digital and genetics revolutions, affecting health, healthcare, living, and society. One of Aalto University's strengths is Big Data Analytics, especially Genomic Data Analytics, relying on world-class Machine Learning research and partnerships to top biomedical research groups in Helsinki region. In health technology, Aalto has expertise all the way from electronics to analytics.

We make it Digital! 3.3.2015

Digitalization is everywhere and Aalto is a key player. Aalto University is the leading university in Finland in the field of digitalization in the number of students, professors, publications or funding. In the field of ICT, Aalto belongs to the best 1% of all universities worldwide. Aalto Digi Platform is chartered to innovate, initiate and increase digitalization related cooperation broadly inside Aalto and with its industrial and academic partners.




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