Digi and Experience breakfast: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Date: 14.12.2017 klo. 9.00-12.30

Location:  Aalto Studios, Otakaari 7, Espoo


Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR, AR) meet in the busy intersection of computer graphics, vision, and human-computer interaction. They have countless applications in storytelling, visual art, visualization, modelling, telepresence, to name a few, with clear potential to transform research, art, and even society at large.

This event brings together Aalto scientists and artists researchers interested in Virtual and Augmented Reality from both technical and applied perspectives, with the aims to showcase existing research, demos, and art, and to connect people across Aalto to foster future collaborations.







Jaakko Lehtinen, Associate Professor, Aalto University
Markus Korhonen, Director, Aalto Studios
Markus Ahola, Manager of Experience Platform
Krisztina Cziner, Manager of Digi Platform





Keynote speeches and discussion

Vinh Truong, Umbra Software

Insights in virtual collaboration
Jukka Huiskonen, Fake Production

















Research Highlights

Interactive Diorama
Lily Diaz, Professor, Aalto University

How to use VR for studies? - Introducing VR Hub of Aalto Learning Centre
Eero Tiainen, Aalto University

Virtual Reality Application for Physical Therapy in Chronic Pain Management
Yu Xiao, Professor, Aalto University

Augmented Reality at VTT
Charles Woodward, VTT

An age-old problem in VR and AR: Input
Antti Oulasvirta, Professor, Aalto University

Full-body avatars in VR
Tuukka Takala, Aalto University

Visual Odometry and Localization
Juho Kannala, Assistant Professor, Aalto University

VR for Molecules and Materials
Antti Karttunen,
Assistant Professor, Aalto University

Magime Project
Sari Tähtinen, Magime Project




Participation is free of charge and you may distribute this invitation for your industrial and public sector collaborators.


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